Virtual Goalie
Virtual training. Real life results.

Sign Up & Sign In

1. Open the Virtual Goalie app on your mobile device.

2. If you need to sign up, enter your email address and tap Signup. You will receive a verification code in your email. Enter the verification code and your new password. Use the email address associated with Google Play or your Apple ID.

3. Sign in with your email and password.

Purchase the Subscription

Sign In to your account

Enter payment information and subscribe.

Subscriptions are $29.99 per player per month.

Setup Your Profile

1. In the app, open the menu and tap Settings.

2. Set your dominant hand.

3. Set your baseline speed. Baseline speed is used for drills that have relative speed settings. If you are not sure about your baseline speed, start at 50MPH for middle school, 60 for JV high school, 65 for Varsity high school, and 75MPH for college.

4. Set your preferred ball color.

Start Training

1. In the app, open the menu and tap Game Token.

2. Tap Generate Token.

3. Open Virtual Goalie PC software.

4. Put on your Rift and enter the game token using A and X buttons to get access to the training system.

Oculus Touch Controls

1. Yellow highlighted A and X select items in the menu or the token verification screen. In both cases, you will see a crosshairs in the center of where you are looking. Wherever the crosshairs aim is what the A and X buttons select.

2. Red highlighted B and Y open and close the menu in the simulator.

3. Green highlighted joysticks control the center point for your avator. Center your self in your Oculus phsycial space, then use the joystick to put your avatar on the center of your goal arc.

4. The trigger finger buttons queue and finish shots. So, once you have started a drill or course, press the trigger once. A ball will appear. Orient yourself on your arc in ready position. Press the trigger once. The shot will happen between 1 and 3 seconds. You can look around and see where the ball ended. If it is a goal, it will hang in the goal where it broke the plane. Press the trigger again to position the shooter for the next ball.