Virtual Goalie
Virtual training. Real life results.

Virtual Goalie Training System

Simulated Environment: Oculus Rift combined with our software drops you into an immersive virtual field of play. Practice your arcs and saves using position cues from a virtual field.

Drills: Drills define a set of shots for you to save. They are defined by distance range, speed range, angle of attack range, target area of the goal, and whether to bounce shots. Use drills to work on weaknesses, learn to read bouncers, etc.

Courses: Courses are multiple drills intended to take you through a learning progression. For example, we have a Warmup course that takes you through the following drills: stick side high, off hand high, stick side low, off hand low, everywhere. There is also an Assessment course that tests you on non-bouncers and bouncers from 50MPH to 100MPH.

Coaching Feedback: Are you punching your bottom hand? Are you punching your top hand instead? Is your first move to go low on bouncers? Are you attacking the ball? Virtual Goalie will give you feedback when your form isn't correct so you can maximize your skills.

Data: On the field of play, we tend to anecdotally identify problem areas. Virtual Goalie provides you with real-time data so you can analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Shot maps show you visually what shooting zones you need to work on. Save percentage by speed graphs help you identify what shot speed is your limit. Then, you can train past that limit to improve your play.

Repetition: Take hundreds of shots at your leisure. You don't need a shooter. You won't rely on their ability to manage velocity and shot placement. Virtual Goalie doesn't get tired and doesn't miss. The only way to get better is through repetitions with proper form.

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